Mission & Vision



R&D Center


Syndip will continue to research pure and clean high purity chemicals,
and become a leading company that develops future technologies
through sustainable values.

R&D 연구소

R&D Center

Syndip's R&D Center has a variety of analytical facilities and advanced research
equipment to create values of future industry and circular economy
based on human resources and technological experience with expertise
in organic solvent synthesizing, high purity refining and upcycling.

In particular, the fields of synthesis and circular economy are playing
the role of a performer as a “solution innovator.” We propose future values to clients
based on our own technology despite the rapidly changing market conditions
and climate environment issues. In addition, we are actively investing and developing
future technologies to create and foster new growth engines for future industries.

SAFE AND CLEAN CHEMICAL Sustainable Chemical Provider

We are doing our best to actively perform R&D activities and to find
a new growth engine with the vision of leading the value of resource circulation
and future industry under the company’s core values of unrivaled expertise,
trust-based communication, creative convergence and progressive challenges.


Test Equipment

Analysis Equipment

  • Gas Chromatograph


  • IC

  • Particle Counter